A mobile quest through time and space, Time Tremors Genesis sends players on a journey of discovery in search of Time Treasures. Invisibly concealed in another dimension of time, these remarkable relics from history can be detected and collected using this amazing app. By playing games, performing fun activities and literally using your mobile device as a key, you can unlock an incredible mystery. Every object you collect reveals a vital clue that will help our heroes Max and Medie in their battle to defeat the greatest force for evil in the entire universe--a school teacher known as Miss Bugly.

Supported devices:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. iPhone 4S
  3. iPhone 5
  4. iPod Touch 4th generation
  5. iPod Touch 5th generation

Coming soon: Time Tremors: Genesis for iPad Gen 2+

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Time Tremors Genesis Mission Select


  • Time Tremors Mission Select
  • Time Tremors Mission Brief
  • Time Tremors Key Ritual
  • Time Tremors Treasure Analysis
  • Time Tremors Treasure Viewer
  • Time Tremors Celestial Atlas
  • Time Tremors Collection