• Max

    Max Reno

  • Medie

    Medie Reno

  • Bugly

    Miss Bugly

  • Simon

    Simon Webb

  • Hector


  • Mr. Vincent

    Mr. Vincent

  • Sir Geoffrey

    Sir Geoffrey

  • Minerva

    Minerva Mayo

  • Dr. Spiller

    Dr. Spiller

  • Time Mutants

    Time Mutants



Everyone has a motive in the Time Tremors Universe. Whether it is seeded in good or evil is less clear. Recently orphaned Max and Medie are a product of their environment, dumped in the middle of a mysterious world they know little about. Their allies are fellow students of The Ranksome Academy, Simon and Minerva, but the students know nothing about the island in the middle of nowhere they’re on. What they do know, is who not to trust. And Miss Bugly, their biology teacher is up to something evil.